Game On! Discover Christian Louboutin's new sneaker collection #RunLoubiRun

For almost three decades, Louboutin shoes proudly displaying the savoir-faire have been making history. Shaking things up, Christian Louboutin brings his signature craftsmanship on to new urban grounds. On red carpets or on the go, the Louboutin sneakers make unforgettable fashion statements in everyday life.

Casualness is trendy, but with Christian Louboutin, one thing is certain: urban doesn’t mean plain. With cheeky enthusiasm, he crafted the most refined uppers: glittery leathers and satin for the elegance, neon hues for the fun. Sneakers don’t have to be basic; get your shot of overflowing optimism with combinations of wild colours and mixed materials!

Directed by Elisha Smith-Leverock
Client: Christian Louboutin
Creative director: Antoine Asseraf
DOP: Giannis Georgiou 
Producer: Annabelle Aronis
Produced by Avion Films